Update on EVMPD – End of year report

Since 1 September 2011 EMA has not communicated anything publicly on EVMPD in writing.  It has hosted an Information Day and is now conducting training – but you had to be there to hear what they had to say.  We don’t expect any communications now until mid-January at the earliest and so in a spirit of openness – and because I had some time in the run-up to year end – I have drawn together what I know and have experienced about :

  • The status of the EVMPD programme
  • The documentation that is outstanding
  • The EV Web Tool and EVMPD training
  • Questions and Answers that I know about (I’m sure that there are more that I don’t and hopefully people will share these as well)
  • The vendor and service provider market

To read the review please click here.

Happy holidays……..